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Criminally underrated considering how effective and powerful this is. The whole thing builds up to a moment that I can only describe as lonesome, and almost hopeless.
Couple that with the open-ended, vague but simultaneously direct story, which could be interpreted as a ficticious end-of-world scenario or an allusion to a possible grim future for us, for example, and it's real striking.

I love it! <3

Hej, thanks so much for your kind words! You describe pretty much exactly the feelings & thoughts I wanted to create. I'm happy that you had an interesting experience with this smol game. Thanks again, made my day :)


You actually feel so restricted by the controls that it adds so much to the hopelessness! The music and stormy sound set the mood perfectly and the zoom-out at the end where the sound got so much louder ended this experience on a high note. It says so much with so little that I really think it's a perfectly made execution of your idea! I can only recommend it!!


Hej, thanks so much for your kind words! Yeah the controls are not perfect but they got the point across ^^ Also thanks for paying for this little weird experiment, you're the first one :)


I like the music a lot and the overall feeling that the game creates! nice one... thanks

Thanks so much! If you like the music check out Six Umbrellas, they make a lot of good music :)


This is good! Loves the physics in this game. Character movement was slightly hard to control, though. Overall it's a nice game!

Thank you for playing and posting a video! Glad you liked it :)

I love the atmosphere and the world this game creates with so little. I have to say that the controls are a little unresponsive at times, but the rest makes up for it. Strong choices in combining pixel art with the water and rain effect, but it works so well! Keep going Torbo!