"Bob man. Seriously. You had one job. ONE! I was only gone for a minute. I tought 'Whatever could happen in one minute'? Well I guess you happened, Bob. YOU JUST HAD TO WATCH THAT DAMN HYPER CANCER FOR ONE MINUTE! You know what that means? Millions of dollars down the drain. Decades of research for nothing. And worst of all: Humanity ist doomed, Bob. I'm doomed. You're doomed. WE'RE ALL DOOMED. Thanks Bob. Really man. Thanks for nothing. WTF."


Grow to freedom, little cell.


Num-Pad 1-9 to stimulate cells.
R to reload.
Esc to quit.


Programming, Game Design, Sound Design: Till Balbach
Art, Game Concept, Game Design: Torben Bökemeyer

A microgame made for Ludum Dare 45.
The theme was "Start From Nothing".

Music by poinl.
SFX by Little Robot Factory.

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